Certification 4 Levels

4-level Program

ECORESPONSABILITY means adopting and advocating for responsible practices on a daily basis in order to collectively improve quality of life and environmental conservation. By making strategic decisions regarding sustainable development through their ECORESPONSIBLETM practices, businesses and organizations show their tangible contribution to sustainable development. In doing so, they reduce their ecological impact and improve their value chain.

The CID created the 4-level ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification to address the needs of organizations looking to progressively implement ECORESPONSIBLETM practices. These changes will allow them to improve their overall performance, be it economic, environmental, social or pertaining to governance.

To download the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification’s v5.2 specifications, please fill out this form.

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Why get the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification

Webinar (30 minutes – French version)
Host: Pierre G. Fillion, President and CEO of the CSI

Are you looking to begin a sustainable development approach but don’t know where to start? This webinar is for you!

The international-level ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification, audited and issued by ECOCERT, is an ongoing structured, tried-and-tested improvement approach that allows companies to take action and meet new requirements tied to circular economy and lowering their carbon footprint. Learn about the benefits of the ECORESPONSIBLETM approach and the simple process for obtaining Certification.

The process for obtaining your ECORESPONSIBLEMC Certification

After downloading and reading the free 5.2.2 Specification Manual, you can choose one of the following options to prepare the documentation required by ECOCERT for obtaining your ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification:

A. Create the SD committee, complete the online trainings and gather the required documentation internally.


Without external help
Online training $795
Your team prepares the Certification file -
Certification by ECOCERT CANADA $675
Audit documentary, report and certificate
Annual fees, trademark
Estimated total of $1,770
Length: 1 to 3 months

B. Create the SD committee, complete the online trainings and provide an ECORESPONSIBLETM expert with support for preparing the required documentation.


With support
Online training $795
Management and coordination $425
Coaching by an ECORESPONSIBLETM expert (including 2 workshops)
25 h
Certification by ECOCERT CANADA $675
Audit documentary, report and certificate
Annual fees, trademark
Estimated total of $5,945
Length: 2 to 4 months
Fonds ÉCOLEADER ($2812,50)
ACTUAL TOTAL $3,132.50

C. Set the ECOLEADERSHIPTM approach (and its 7 steps) in motion with an ECORESPONSIBLETM expert. Get an in-depth SD diagnosis, personalized improvement paths specific to your industry, workshops and support for preparing the required documentation.


With support
Ecoleadership methodology $795
Management and coordination $425
An ECORESPONSIBLETM expert prepares the file (including 4 workshops)
60 h
(Fonds ÉCOLEADER 75 %)
Certification by ECOCERT CANADA $675
Audit documentary, report and certificate
Annual fees, trademark
Estimated total of $11,195
Length: 3 to 6 months
Fonds ÉCOLEADER ($6,750)

Ready to get started?


  • → Receive registration approval from senior management
  • → Name an ECORESPONSIBLETM manager and form an ECORESPONSIBLETM committee
  • → Consult the price list




Without external help


With support


With support



ECOCERT assesses the file:

  • → Level 1. Engagement Document Audit
  • → Level 2, 3 and 4 Company Audit


Assessment decision:

  • → Action plan or remedial action
  • → Obtaining Certification
  • → Issuing the certificate


Regardless of your activity sector, the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification provides you with undeniable benefits. Studies led by the international community show that ecoresponsibility goes hand in hand with profitability, regardless of your business or organization’s size, location or activity sector.

Being certified and displaying the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification seal will be officially recognized by:

  • Clients and contractors
  • Government authorities
  • The business sector
  • The general population and consumers

The ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification has a positive impact on:

  • Revenue and profitability
  • Strategic commercialization policy levers
  • Visibility and credibility
  • Innovation and development
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Demonstrating leadership

The ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification, derived from the CSI’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Program, is an integrated global approach that considers recognized SD principles and best practices, including:

  • ISO 26000 and other ISO bodies tied to management systems
  • 10 Principles of the UN’s Global Compact
  • Principes d’investissement responsable de l’ONU (PRI)
  • BNQ 21000 guide and tools
  • GRI 4 (Global Reporting Initiative) – Guidelines for SD reporting
  • ISEAL Alliance: The ten (10) ISEAL credibility guidelines

Audit: ECOCERT Certification Body

Groupe ECOCERT is a certification body serving people and the environment. The company, which has globally recognized expertise in certifying environmental standards, will be in charge of certifying businesses or organizations that will be involved in the CID’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification process.

ECOCERT plans on rolling out the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification with businesses all over the world, from 29 offices throughout strategic centres in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Financial Investment

Costs associated with the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification vary depending on the company or organization’s individual needs in terms of support, training or using the various tools offered by the CSI. See the fees for Certification and using the trademark for a company or organization: click here for details about fees.

These fees do not include the support of an ECORESPONSIBLETM Expert. The file assessment must be performed by the ECORESPONSIBLETM Expert, according to the company’s specific needs or context.

Companies can also qualify for certain available financial support programs through regional governments.

Companies that choose to take part in the ECORESPONSIBLETM Program are eligible for governmental financial support from the FAQDD’s FONDS ÉCOLEADER for ECOLEADERSHIP support and methodology.

See the


  • Groupe ECOCERT is a certification body serving people and the environment. The company has internationally recognized expertise in certifying environmental standards, and they will be responsible for the ECODESIGNED PACKAGING OR PRODUCT Attestation of the businesses or organizations involved in the process. ECOCERT plans on rolling out the ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging and Product with businesses worldwide, from 29 offices throughout strategic centres in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

  • The Ellio team brings together many of Quebec’s top sustainable development consultants. Recognized for its expertise in supporting organizations and its contribution to disseminating sustainable development principles, Ellio co-designed (with the CID) the EcoresponsibleTM Program to help leaders and operational teams from all types of organizations transition towards more sustainable business models and methods. They provide businesses, municipalities and organizations with services for strategic support, sustainable development planning and corporate social responsibility (CSR), life cycle analysis, responsible investment, training and support during change.

  • Proaction International is a consulting firm that supports businesses, organizations, and health and social services centres. Proaction International’s approach was tested in over 500 businesses and organizations on three continents.

  • COESIO works with many organisations that must face social realities. Their approach focuses on change management and the transfer of expertise, and they aim to help companies advance thanks to new business models that allow them to stand out, reach their goals and ensure that their activities have lasting power. Focused on results and cultural reinforcement.

  • Solutions Will (Gedden) devotes itself to implementing its Sustainable Community solution. This solution allows small greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters to access the voluntary carbon market by stimulating, measuring and converting their efforts to reduce GHG into carbon credits that will be traded on the global voluntary market.

  • Zone C is very familiar with the CID’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Program, as they were at the heart of its branding, as well as designing the Program’s tools and message to disseminate. Our ECORESPONSIBILITY knowledge and mastery of communication strategies allows us to recommend the ideal path for an organization to benefit from sustainable development marketing advancements. Zone C’s role is to carry out sustainable development projects, with a competitive advantage thanks to an honest, efficient and relevant communication strategy.