ECORESPONSIBLETM Program Registration

By filling out this form to REGISTER for the ECORESPONSIBLETM Program or DOWNLOAD the specification guide for the 4-level Certification or ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – PACKAGING or ECODESIGNED PRODUCT, you are taking concrete action that underscores the seriousness of your ECORESPONSIBLETM Approach.

The 4-level ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification allows your efforts and consideration for economic, environmental, social and governance-related impacts for an organization’s strategic and operational decisions to be recognized.

The ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – PACKAGING or ECODESIGNED PRODUCT, developed in collaboration with Éco Entreprises Québec and RECYC-QUÉBEC, aims to recognize the ecodesign approaches for developing and manufacturing packaging and products, as well as the environmental aspects of these packagings and products.

If you wish to register many organizations with the same governance/strategy, you can write to us at the following address: