Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging or Product

The Conseil des Industries Durable (Council of Sustainable Industries – CID) offers the new ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation Program – Ecodesigned Packaging or Product, developed in collaboration with Éco Entreprises Québec and RECYC-QUÉBEC, which aims to recognize ecodesign approaches adopted by businesses for their development, packaging and product manufacturing, and environmental properties.

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Why should you get the Attestation?

  • To have your ecodesigned packaging and product efforts recognized;
  • To set yourself apart and fully communicate your commitment;
  • To structure your method and improve your ecodesign approach.

What is ecodesign?

Ecodesign is an improvement approach that allows you to reduce packaging’s environmental footprint during its entire life cycle, from its design to the end of its useful life. It integrates environmental criteria, such as:

• Reducing virgin materials;
• Designing optimally;
• Sourcing responsibly;
• Incorporating recycled materials or the recyclability of materials.

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What are the benefits of ecodesign?

There are many benefits to ecodesign for the business implementing it, the consumer or business looking to make responsible choices and for society at large. It’s a winning choice in all respects, with positive and measurable benefits!


  • Responding to consumer expectations
  • Adapting to future regulation
  • Reinforcing positioning
  • Developing team culture and employee retention
  • Promoting innovation and continuous improvement
  • Setting your packaging and prints apart
  • Improving your capacity to respond to environmental requirements
  • Improving relationships with suppliers


Reducing: Raw material costs – transportation and distribution costs – end-of-life management costs – product loss – energy costs


Reducing: landfilling – the amount of necessary materials – energy needs – impacts on the health of people and ecosystems – impacts thanks to the inclusion of recycled materials

Increasing: recyclability – the product’s lifespan

Assessment by an accredited third party

Your approach, as well as your packaging or product must meet the requirements of the attestation’s specifications. The ÉCOCERT evaluation will allow you to confirm, beyond a doubt and exempt from self-reporting, the key elements of your ecodesign approach, as well as the potential environmental benefits provided by your new packaging or product.

Financial investment

To get an ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging or Product, a business must invest $2,350* per packaging or product (or line of packaging or products). The Attestation is valid for a period of 3 years. After this period, ÉCOCERT must carry out a new assessment (audit) of the packaging or product in question to renew the Attestation.


For organizations that do not meet the requirements of the Attestation’s specifications, the program also offers the possibility of obtaining the “ENGAGEMENT” level and having their ecodesign efforts recognized. This level allows an organization to move towards eventually obtaining the Attestation.

For this level, the business must invest $750*. The ENGAGEMENT level is valid for 24 months. After this period, the business must get the ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging or Product and meet its requirements, failing which the ENGAGEMENT level will be revoked.

Note: A follow-up will be carried out after 12 months to renew the business or organization’s preparation for obtaining the Attestation.
*This amount includes the $175 annual fee for using the trademark, as well as the business or organization’s registration to the national registry.

Program developed
in collaboration and with
the financial support of :

Businesses that have gotten an Ecodesigned Packaging or Product Attestation


  • Groupe AGÉCO has recognized expertise in environmental management, strategic planning, implementation, communication and accountability in the corporate responsibility sector. Groupe AGÉCO is also one of the Canadian leaders in the environmental life cycle analysis sector and in packaging ecodesign.

  • Groupe ECOCERT is a certification body serving people and the environment. The company has internationally recognized expertise in certifying environmental standards, and they will be responsible for the ECODESIGNED PACKAGING OR PRODUCT Attestation of the businesses or organizations involved in the process. ECOCERT plans on rolling out the ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging and Product with businesses worldwide, from 29 offices throughout strategic centres in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

  • Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) provides financial support for and collaborates with the “ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – ECODESIGNED PACKAGING” and “ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – ECODESIGNED PRODUCT” pilot projects, associated with the CID’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Program.
    ÉEQ is the private NPO representing businesses that finance the recycling of containers, packaging and printed matter in Quebec. ÉEQ also works with the various stakeholders involved in Quebec’s curbside collection to make it more effective and efficient.

  • RECYC-QUÉBEC provides financial support for and collaborates with the “ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – ECODESIGNED PACKAGING” and “ECORESPONSIBLETM Attestation – ECODESIGNED PRODUCT” pilot projects, associated with the CID’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Program.

    RECYC-QUÉBEC’s mission is to help Quebec reduce, reuse, recycle and value residual materials in a circular economy that fights against climate change. The organization’s vision is to become a crucial partner in a zero-waste Quebec.

  • Zone C is very familiar with the CID’s ECORESPONSIBLETM Program, as they were at the heart of its branding, as well as designing the Program’s tools and message to disseminate. Our ECORESPONSIBILITY knowledge and mastery of communication strategies allows us to recommend the ideal path for an organization to benefit from sustainable development marketing advancements. Zone C’s role is to carry out sustainable development projects, with a competitive advantage thanks to an honest, efficient and relevant communication strategy.