Become the promoter of your regional
or sector-specific ECORESPONSIBLETM Approach.

Help the recovery and growth of businesses supported by your organization by putting your ECORESPONSIBLETM Approach in motion.
Provide them with a set of tools, online workshops and sustainable development consulting services. The Program allows companies to implement ECORESPONSIBLETM practices at the heart of their business and economic performance.

Galvanize your region’s economy or your own industry thanks to ecoresponsibility.

DEVELOP primary knowledge surrounding ecoresponsibility, talent management and opportunities to improve performance,
taking SD’s 4 axes into account.

HELP SMEs transform their operational and management practices to make them more sustainable and create new business levers that provide them with a competitive advantage.

companies within your area and industry to promote them and establish new partnerships by advancing the business savvy of their value proposition, product and ECORESPONSIBLETM services.

The businesses registered in an ECORESPONSIBLETM Approach will receive coaching and strategic advice from a sustainable development expert to obtain one of the 4 levels of ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification issued by ECOCERT.

Mobilize companies around the

  • Length of 3 to 5 months;
  • Simple and inexpensive approach;
  • Online registration with ECOCERT, an internationally recognized certification organization;
  • Tested methodology available as online training
    (autonomy and personalization in accordance with internal resources);
  • Direct support from an ECORESPONSIBLETM Expert if needed and depending on the company’s needs*.

Add the regional or sector-specific ECORESPONSIBLETM Approach
to your value proposal

Let us show you the details of the Program (video conference).

We provide you with the promotional kit for mobilizing and recruiting companies in your area or your industry.

We will regularly share with you business registrations in your area or industry.

Galvanize your network with an “annual recognition” event when handing out Certifications.

Pricing for each business registered in the

Online training and ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification issued by ECOCERT: $2,195 (level 1. Engagement)
Support from an ECORESPONSIBLETM Expert ($175/h) Hourly rate depends on the needs identified*

in partnership with

*Businesses that choose to register with the ECORESPONSIBLETM Program are eligible for governmental financial support through the FAQDD’s FONDS ÉCOLEADER for ECOLEADERSHIPTM support and methodology.