Richard D. Daneau


Mr. Daneau graduated in Commerce from McGill University in 1986 (B. Comm.). After working for a few years, he continued his academic studies and completed a Master’s in management science at HEC Montréal.
Mr. Daneau worked for nearly 30 years in the heavy machinery industry, and more specifically as the co-owner of a Quebec manufacturer of specialized transportation equipment from 2000 to 2015.
In early 2015, Mr. Daneau left the field and retired. After a year of rest spent with his family, he felt drawn back in by the intergenerational deficit taking shape. He was especially drawn to the humanitarian work of Moisson Montréal and their huge ecological impacts resulting from their organizational model built around reducing food waste.
Since 2016, Mr. Daneau has been the head of Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Canada that annually revalues 20,000 tons of food, valued at approximately $120 million, and redistributes it to community organizations who help people in precarious living conditions.
Mr. Daneau also sits on the Conseil SAM, the council for food policy in Montreal since it was created in 2018. He is its spokesperson. The Conseil SAM wants each resident of Greater Montreal to have a healthy, diversified and affordable diet from nearby sources that is in keeping with a sustainable development perspective.

Richard D. Daneau
Executive Director
Moisson Montréal