ECO-DESIGNED PRODUCT (pilot project)


The CID, in partnership with RECYC-QUÉBEC and Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), is offering Quebec companies the opportunity to participate in the pilot project leading to the ÉCORESONSABLE ÉCOCONÇUAC certification. The latter allows them to evaluate their ecodesign approach and have it recognized by consumers and their markets. The new certification is unique and allows Québec’s innovative companies to position themselves advantageously on the markets.

The certificate is for any company that makes eco-design a practical practice for environmentally friendly products in the perspective of :

  • Reduce manufacturing impacts (lower impact processes and materials)
  • Facilitate recyclability (incorporation of recycled content)
  • Select greener materials
  • Reduce waste of resources (less raw materials and more recycled content)
  • Contribute to a greener economy
  • Encouraging responsible sourcing
  • Design optimally

Companies with ECO-SAVED PRODUCT Certification benefit from established benefits:

  • Tangible environmental and economic benefits
  • Differentiators in a business environment that is more and more conscious of its ecological footprint
  • Optimal design
  • Attraction and retention of markets

Developed in partnership with :

Audit: AGÉCO Group

The pilot project is carried out in collaboration with Groupe AGÉCO, consulting firm responsible for organizations and economic studies.

For more than 15 years, Groupe AGÉCO has been at the forefront in the agri-food and corporate responsibility (RE) sectors.

Groupe AGÉCO counts on a multidisciplinary team to support organizations from all sectors of the economy through various interventions: life cycle analysis and carbon footprint, responsible sourcing, ecodesign, sustainable building, packaging optimization, surrender Accounts, Corporate Responsibility Report and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


Process for obtaining the Certificate

  • Complete the self-assessment questionnaire (3 min)
    • in order to validate the compliance of your company or organization with the criteria of the ECORESPONSABLE Certification, ECOCONÇAGED PACKAGING.
  • Half-day AUDIT by an accredited expert (AGECO Group)
  • Tabling of the evaluation report
  • Analysis and Recommendation (Award of Certification or Corrective Action)
  • Issue of the Certificate

Period of validity of the Certificate

  • The renewal period is fixed every 3 years.

Financial investment

Pour obtenir lÉCORESPONSABLE ÉCOCONÇU product, a company must invest an amount of $ 2,350 per package or range of packaging.

  • An annual fee of $ 175 is required for the use of the trademark and the registration of the business or organization in the national registry.

This program is made possible through the financial support and collaboration of the following organizations :