Packaging or Eco-friendly Product

The Sustainable Industries Council (CID) is proposing the new ECORESPONSIBLE ™ Certification – Packaging or Eco-design Product program developed in collaboration with Éco Entreprises Québec and RECYC-QUÉBEC, to recognize the eco-design initiatives undertaken by businesses for the development, manufacturing and sale of products. packaging and products as well as the environmental attributes of such packaging and products.

Why should you obtain the Certificate?

  • To recognize your eco-design efforts for packaging and products;
  • To differentiate yourself and communicate your commitment in a rigorous way;
  • To structure your approach and improve your ecodesign approach.

What is ecodesign?

Ecodesign is an improvement process that reduces the environmental footprint of a package throughout its life cycle, from design to end of life. It incorporates environmental criteria such as :
• the reduction of virgin materials;
• the optimal design;;
• responsible sourcing;
• the introduction of recycled materials or the recyclability of materials.

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What are the benefits of

They are numerous: for the company that applies it, for the company or the consumer wishing to make responsible choices and for society in general. A real winning choice in all respects, with positive and concrete benefits!


  • Response to consumer expectations
  • Adaptation to future regulations
  • Strengthening positioning
  • Development of a team culture and staff retention
  • Promotion of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Differentiation of your packaging and printed matter
  • Improving your ability to meet environmental requirements
  • Improved relationships with your suppliers


Reduction :raw material costs – transmission and distribution costs – end-of-life management costs – product losses – energy costs


Reduction: landfill – amount of materials needed – energy needs – impacts on human health and ecosystems – impacts through the addition of recycled material

Increase: recyclability – product life

The certificate issued by an accredited third party

Your procedure and your packaging or product must meet the requirements of the specifications of the certificate. The evaluation, by Ecocert, will confirm beyond doubt and without self-declaration, the key elements of your eco-design approach and the potential environmental benefits of your new packaging or product..

Financial investment

To obtain the ECORESPONSABLETM Certification – Packaging or Eco-design Product, a company must invest $ 2,350 * per package or product (or range of packaging or products). The validity period of the Certificate is 3 years. After this period, ECOCERT must make a new assessment (audit) of the packaging or product concerned for the renewal of the Certificate.


The program also offers organizations that do not meet the requirements of the specifications of the Certification, the opportunity to obtain the level “COMMITMENT” to recognize their efforts in the process of ecodesign. This step allows an organization to get ready to eventually obtain the Certification.

The company must then invest an amount of $ 750 *. The validity period of the COMMITMENT level is 24 months. After this period, the company must meet the requirements and obtain its ECORESPONSABLETM Certification – Packaging or Eco-design Product. Otherwise, the ENGAGEMENT level will be revoked.

Note: A follow-up will be done in 12 months to restart the business or organization to prepare for the certification.

* This amount includes an annual fee of $ 175 required for the use of the trademark and the registration of the business or organization in the national registry.

Program developed
in collaboration and with
the financial support of :

Companies that have obtained a certificate of Packaging or Eco-friendly Product