We were seriously shaken up by 2020 and the pandemic, but it also became an opportunity for managers in many companies and organizations to think about how to position themselves and act in favour of longevity for our planet and improve the future of our societies.

2021 invites us to consider this new momentum within societies and populations as an excellent opportunity to join THE GREAT ECORESPONSIBLETM MOVEMENT, a space where ECORESPONSIBLETM businesses and industries mobilize. As an influential organization or company active in Quebec’s economic recovery, we invite you to showcase your commitment and contribute to a change of mindset and paradigm that will allow you to highlight the benefits of taking the sustainable development route.

Your support is decisive in creating fertile ground for ecoresponsibility and it provides you with the opportunity to:

  • take part in creating a dynamic supply network with ECORESPONSIBLETM suppliers;
  • become an associate and partner for the annual gathering of ECORESPONSIBLETM companies;
  • participate in accelerating the GREAT MOVEMENT that will trigger unprecedented mobilization with the ECORESPONSIBLETM companies and industries of tomorrow.

The Council for Sustainable Industries, a non-profit organization, is calling on its network of ECOLEADERS and partners for a fundraiser that aims to carry out the following initiatives:

Deploying a largescale media campaign

meant to raise the profile of the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certifications with companies, industries, industry and regional groups and governments.

Launching the new CARBON-RESPONSIBLE Certification

and the CARBON-LEADERSHIPTM Program that will provide manufacturing companies the support and tools necessary for measuring and implementing an action plan to reduce their GHG emissions.

Launching the B2B2C ECORESPONSIBLEMC Business Space

will allow each certified ECOLEADER company to:

  • galvanize their business network and commercialize the ECORESPONSIBLETM offer;
  • create or include themselves in new nearby supply chains;
  • evolve within the largest network of businesses devoted to ecoresponsibility and SD in Quebec and abroad.

The 2021 MEET-UP of Generations and ECOLEADERS

will be held on November 25, 2021, this year.

On the agenda:

  • Creating winning conditions for a sustainable planet;
  • Connecting generations and ecoresponsibility;
  • Entering a new era thanks to measuring carbon.

Partnership level:



See the visibility plan:



See the visibility plan

If you want to contribute as a GREAT COLLABORATOR ($5,000 and +) you can contact Pierre Fillion, President and CEO of the Council for Sustainable Industries.

Thanks to our partners